Thursday, September 7, 2023

HS Cross Country

Congratulations to the Cross country team for making it home last night. We Hauled so much hardware we blew 2 tires off the school van. For the girls team Kinsie Jacquies led the charge finishing in first place overall. Ariel Holstine ran a CR performance and finished in second place overall. Trista Smerdon and Alex Kanthe finished 6th and 9th respectively. Tayler Bauer ran a PR and finished in 18th overall. Overall combined scores the girls team finished in second place. Great Job ladies! For the boys team, Tayler Morand also took home a medal with a 7th place finish overall. If anyone is wishing to join a successful team, Cross Country is still accepting athletes,however this opportunity will close next week. See Couach Penberthy or Morand for details.